Naming your product or service

A great brand starts with a great name. It can be a made-up name like Twitter; a combination of words like GrubHub; a repurposed word like Uber; or even a new way of thinking about words, such as google and yahoo. But your name will make or break you. Choose the right one, and it will attract people. Choose the wrong one and it will confuse or even deter them. One of the main services of Hindise is to helps people build online communities. Hindse is a successful blogger with a substantial following, so he wanted to share his insights with other people. He initially called it “Himilo,” but there was a problem with the name. Blogs are being overtaken by more socially driven sites, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. The owner of hindise tried many difference brand name and finally come up I this name by getting help with friends

December 15th, 2016