Part-Time business

why part-time jobs are so demanding? The answer may be, Because of the potential flexibility they provide.

If you’re like most people thinking of starting a part-time business, it’s not about becoming rich; it’s about making some money while being able to do other things. Maybe you want to spend more time with your children. Or maybe you have a job you want to keep but some extra money would be nice.

The right part-time business can make all these things possible.

For your convenience, I’ve divided the possibilities into two categories; seasonal and non-seasonal.

5- Best Seasonal Part-Time Businesses
Seasonal businesses have a lot of business hours in season but can give you a whole off-season where you can do whatever you want, such as be a snowbird.

1. Boat, paddleboard, kayak or bicycle rental. Dive gear. Whatever the activity, there will always be people who prefer to rent it than buy it and store it over the off season.

2. Seasonal food trucks or stands, such as fish tacos on the beach, ice cream or gelato etc. And don’t forget fair food. Providing eats to visitors at one big fair or a series of fairs in the summer can be very profitable—and when the fairs are done, so are you.

3. Mowing and yard maintenance. Fewer people than ever want to do this themselves. (Note that you could easily turn this into an all-year-round business by offering snow removal services too in many places.)

4. Irrigation system installation and maintenance. Subdivisions are prime selling zones for these. Spring/summer would be the busy season.

5. Local tour provider. Depending on locale, you might offer nature tours such as guided hikes, kayak tours, horse and carriage tours—or something entirely different such as ghost tours, the best jazz venues etc.

5- Best Non-Seasonal Part-Time Businesses
These businesses would need to be operated throughout the year but let you set your own (limited) hours without damaging the business.

1. Service businesses—Hairdressing, cleaning, tutoring, dog grooming, being a property caretaker are just a few of the services that you could provide to customer part-time.

2. Design businesses from interior design through landscaping/garden design.

3. Arts and crafts, including graphic arts as well as painters, illustrators, potters and jewelry designers. (Showing and selling your work online can be a real income generator for artists and crafters; 8 Easy Ways to Get Your Small Business Into Ecommerce can get you started.)

4. Consulting businesses of almost all kinds.

5. Professions such as notary publics, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, architects, and doctors.

Get the Right Fit
It’s no news, I’m sure, that not everyone is good at everything. So make sure that you don’t just pick a part-time business that seems best suited to your chosen lifestyle; like a suit of clothes, it also has to fit you. For instance, if you’re not comfortable talking to people face-to-face and selling them things, don’t choose to get into direct selling.

December 13th, 2016

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